Empowering individuals and organizations to utilise positive lifestyle habits and practices to support

Physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Empowering individuals and organizations to utilise positive lifestyle habits and practices to support physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Welcome to the
MEGA SELF Program.

A lifestyle – medicine based coaching program that supports the physical and emotional wellbeing of every individual and provides tools and strategies to move through challenge, change and adversity.

Mega Self

Michele Sayers is the founder of PROJECT MEGA SELF – a mental, emotional, and physical health framework dedicated to empowering positive behaviour change that aligns individuals or organisations to the life they want to create.

She is a leading change expert and delivers emotionally engaging and educational talks directed towards practical wellbeing strategies, habit change and tools for emotional regulation.

Michele also offers one – on – one coaching over a 4-month period for those wanting a more personal and supported approach.

Michele’s purpose is to provide tools and resources worldwide that positively effect both short and long term goals and overall quality of life.

‘An overwhelming body of scientific and medical literature supports the concept that daily habits and actions exert an enormous impact on short term and long-term health and quality of health.’ 

– Rippe JM. Lifestyle Medicine. 3rd ed. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. In press (Google Scholar)

Are you ready to empower and support yourself, school community, company or organisation to step into their MEGA healthy SELF?









Success Stories

Flavia – Nurse (Melbourne)

Michele, you continue to inspire me! You have no idea how much you have changed my life. Listening to you speak has completely shifted my mental approach to health. Since I first met you, I have made massive changes in my life – emotionally and physically. My doctor is amazed at the changes in my blood tests too. My mood, sleep and health continue to improve every day. I can’t even remember the last time I felt so in control within my choices and health. I feel like I now have tools to deal with stress and challenges and I love your triangle to reconnect with how I CHOOSE to respond. Thank you for sharing MEGA SELF yesterday – AMAZING. I am now also sharing your 3,2,1 method at the hospital with my patients. I wish I could be at one of your seminars every month. I hope to live this way forever and know that with my mindset change I can do and am already doing just that!

Lynda – Teacher (Melbourne)

Michele is the most incredible speaker and facilitator I have met, and she has guided me through making huge changes in my life. She is so positive, loving, wise and respectful and has given me the confidence and space to lead my best life. My health practitioners were amazed in the changes in my health and wellbeing. Her approach is not just about healthy eating, it’s about nourishing your mind, body and soul.


Since meeting and hearing Michele at a Health retreat last year, I’ve been “under the spell” of an amazing mentor, motivator and now, friend. After hearing her speak, I arranged a private coaching package with her. There she was able to draw from me a self-understanding of all the roadblocks that have stopped me from reaching goals that I’ve been floundering with for years. Her methods give you confidence and belief in reaching goals. Michele’s approach to her clients is always from the point of view of what they need rather than imposing a format of one-size-fits-all with her sessions. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much for your help, Michele. 


Michelle (nurse)

I have been seeing Michele for a few months now and she has turned my life around – an amazing coach, nutritionist, healer, and mentor. I would recommend Michele to anyone who is looking to be inspired to make changes in their life and be guided and supported through the process. I am on the journey of getting to know me and finding my best self thanks to Michele. I look forward to continuing my journey with Michele until I reach my destination!


Outstanding coach and practitioner and definitely a master of her craft. I highly recommend Michele to anyone who wants positive change in their life.

Melanie (Mum to 4)

I attended a health retreat and Michelle was one of the speakers. All I can say is that her talk was TRANSFORMATIONAL! I had so many lightbulb moments and went away understanding the link between my unhealthy habits and unprocessed emotion. Not only did she explain this in a way I could understand but she also provided me with tools and strategies to empower my next step forward. Thank you for sharing the MEGA SELF program – this information is so needed.