The Mega Self Story

PROJECT MEGA SELF is dedicated to providing an empowering and educational support framework for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. In doing so, we have identified 8 core practices that everyone can use to achieve greater self-care and wellness.

The MEGA SELF PROGRAM’S message is centred around a powerful quote by Viktor Frankl.

‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our ability to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.’ 

The framework of MEGA SELF is based on a formula that combines positive mindset strategies, lifestyle medicine practices and tools for emotional regulation and stress relief.

This powerful and transformative combination increases our space between stimulus and response. In doing so individuals feel empowered to choose habits and stress relieving practices that are in alignment to them becoming their MEGA healthy SELF.


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This concept not only focusses on mental and emotional wellbeing but profoundly influences health on a physical level too.

‘The strength of the scientific literature supporting the health impact of daily habits and actions is underscored by their incorporation into virtually every evidence-based clinical guideline stressing the prevention and treatment of metabolically related diseases.’

– Lifestyle Medicine: The Health Promoting Power of Daily Habits and Practices – James M. Rippe, MD

THE SPACE BETWEEN invites you to create more space in your life through a process of learning and implementing positive habits and behaviours that support health and wellbeing.  

THE MEGA SELF program strives to empower you with a greater understanding of self so that you can choose responses to challenge and stress that help reduce and release that stress. 

The core framework is based around developing emotional resilience, physical and mental wellbeing using 8 evidence-based strategies that drive wellness.

The Story behind PROJECT MEGA SELF.

Michele taught as a secondary school teacher for 15 years and majored in nutritional science and biology. For the past 10 years she has been immersing herself in studying, leading and facilitating positive behaviour change and creating  PROJECT MEGA SELF program. 

After many years of struggling with anxiety and challenges related to mental health, Michele embarked on a wellness journey that had profound and remarkable results in her own life. 

The most significant changes occurred when she started to create space in her life for healthy habits that were based around lifestyle medicine, energy tools and positive psychology. Michele noticed that by releasing stress and having strategies to move through uncomfortable emotions, she was able to thrive in a way she never knew was possible. It was through a 10 year journey of practicing, learning, refining, educating and implementing that the PROJECT MEGA SELF program was then launched. 

By creating more space by implementing daily healthy habits, Michele’s entire life began to move in a different direction. 

Michele believes we are all LIMITLESS, we simply need support, education, and knowledge to help us create our PROJECT MEGA SELF potential. 

Michele now works as a positive behaviour change coach and speaker and conducts weekly wellbeing seminars in the field of positive change, health, and mindset. She has also authored a book, The 8 Wonders of Wellbeing, which is soon to be released in Australia. 

Michele leads by example and uses the strategies in the MEGA SELF framework to bring about balance in her life and those of the people she works with. She lives on the Surf Coast in Victoria and you will find her practising yoga, surfing, walking her dog, hanging with her daughters and friends, or enjoying whatever nature has to offer.

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Founding Director/Facilitator – Michele Sayers

Through her own stories and learnings, Michele shares strategies that empower individuals to gain new insights. Her coaching programs and talks are customized to suit the outcome of the individual or organisation with a foundation and focus on –

Managing Stress & Anxiety

Prioritizing health – Physically, emotionally, and physically

Learning tools for emotional regulation

Choosing daily healthy habits

Find out more about Michele’s key note talks by clicking here.

THE 8 Wonders of Wellbeing is your path to becoming your MEGA healthy SELF.









With the current alarming statistics regarding mental and physical health in Australia, Michele believes the role of educators and leaders (in both school and organisations) is to provide education and knowledge that empowers emotional resilience and greater wellness – PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY.